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Do you need help ensuring fire safety when organizing a public event?

Let's speed up the coordination process with the Rescue Board! 


We issue a written fire safety audit and a schematic sub-plan to the Rescue Board for approval


We check the documentation and/or come to the site

NB! You can also rent fire extinguishers from us for the event!

Tulipunane OÜ fire safety experts are aware of the requirements of the Rescue Board and help in preparing the necessary documents.With our help, the coordination of a public event with the Rescue Board will be successful the first timeand there is no time-consuming back and forth fussing.

Tulipunane OÜ ensures the fire safety of your party!

What must the organizer of a public event check?

  • The general fire safety condition of the space, building or temporary building and attractions related to the event;

  • Evacuation exit and path marked with a fire safety sign;

  • Availability of the evacuation route and access and compliance with the number of participants of the public event;

  • The presence of prescribed fire safety installations and their condition;

  • Availability and availability of rescue equipment;

  • The condition and operation of the equipment in the room;

  • Other circumstances that may cause a fire.

What documents are required?

  • When organizing an event in a building not intended for this purpose, a location plan must be prepared and the special conditions of the local rescue center must be observed. The same requirement also applies to temporary construction and installation of decorations. Evacuation routes and entry routes for rescue vehicles are marked on the plan. 

  • If there is a bonfire at a public event, the location of the bonfire and the amount of fire extinguishing equipment needed to limit the spread of the fire must be coordinated.

How long does the audit last? 

During the visual inspection, an assessment of the event area is given with comments. Depending on the complexity of the event area, the inspection may take 2-3 hours, the initial audit will be completed within 10 working days.It is also possible by special agreement as a quick job within 2-3 working days!Deficiencies that appear must be eliminated so that the final result is a so-called positive audit that ensures the event fire safety. 


Fire safety audit not includedexpertise of heating stoves, which is why you should make sure in advance that the heaters in the event area have the appropriate documentation  (passport of the heater from the manufacturer, certificate, certificate of covered works from the installer). If the mentioned documents are missing, we will also carry outheating system expertise.


A fire safety audit can only be issued by a fire safety expert level 6!


Tuleohutusteenused kasutusluba, tuleohut


Fire safety consultation for construction projects;

Fire safety audits of construction projects;

Full license application service;

Expertise in heating systems.

Tulekustuti käsitlemise koolitus Tulipun


Firework training;

Fire safety instruction;

Evacuation training + exercise;

Fire extinguisher handling training.

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Fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire blankets and all other necessary fire safety products from!

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