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Chimney Sweeper, level 3

Professional Certificate: 117699

To book a heating system expertise, write to us at or click the button below and fill in the contact form.

The examination of heating systems is performed by a fire safety expert.


7 recommendations to do before the chimney sweeper arrives

Please follow these instructions:

1. Be present at the agreed time;

2. It is forbidden to make fire during the sweeping;

3. Make sure that the chimney sweeper can access all parts of the heating system - the chimney, the heater, the roof. Make sure there is access to the chimney (ladder, walkway, etc.), attic and basement;

4. Empty the debris from furnaces or heating material. Close the dampers (except chimney damper), valves, hatches, ventilation hatches and vents. Close open fireplaces (fireplace without doors) with a tape. 

5. Also close the doors, windows and turn off the heat pumps and forced ventilation during work;

6. Chimney grime is volatile and lubricant, so remove home appliances and carpets from the vicinity of the heaters;

7. Keep pets away from the chimney sweeping area.


Fee of 20 € up to 20 km from Tallinn. Elsewhere fee is charged by agreement.

Tuleohutusteenused kasutusluba, tuleohut


Fire safety consultancy for building projects;
Structural fire safety audit;
Application for Authorization for Use;
Heating systems expertise.

Tulekustuti käsitlemise koolitus Tulipun


Fire training

Fire safety instruction

Evacuation Training & Fire extinguisher training

Fire extinguisher handling training

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Fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers and all other fire safety products from!

Tulipunane OÜ ekspertiisid ja auditid on kaitstud arhitekti/inseneri vastutuskindlustusega!

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