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Fire safety services, use permit, fire hazard


You are applying for a use permit but the documentation of the fire safety part of the construction project is missing or does not meet the requirements? 

Tulipunane OÜ Fire safety experts will save your time and nerves. You only have to upload the fire safety audit to the municipal building register. 


We issue a written fire safety audit for uploading to the construction register of the municipality


We check the documentation and/or come to the site

Fire safety audit - For whom and why?

  • A fire safety audit is necessary primarily for the owner of the house to ensure a safe and secure home for the family.

  • An audit is necessary for those who apply for an occupancy permit for their home.

  • The audit is a mandatory part of the construction technical audit. If the person performing it does not have the appropriate qualification, the fire safety part must be performed separately.


Completing the audit with elimination of deficiencies can be quite a long process. Close cooperation between the building owner and the expert speeds it up significantly.


What documents must the owner or his representative submit for the audit?

In order for the completion of the fire safety audit to go smoothly, the owner or his representative must submit:

1. building construction project (last surveying project),

2. valid chimney sweeping act, 

3. electrical installation audit.

The mentioned documents provide the expert with the necessary data to complete the fire safety audit.

What is the purpose of the audit?

The purpose of the building's fire safety audit is to provide an assessment of the building's compliance with fire safety requirements, based on Regulation No. 17 of the Minister of the Interior "Fire safety requirements for buildings and requirements for firefighting water supply". 

What normative documents are the basis of the audit?

  1. Fire Safety Act;

  2. Regulation of the Minister of the Interior No. 17  "Fire safety requirements for buildings and requirements for firefighting water supply";

  3. EVS 812-7:2008 "Ensuring the basic requirement for buildings, the fire safety requirement during design and construction";

  4. EVS 812-2:2014 Fire safety of ventilation systems;

  5. EVS 812-6:2012 Firefighting water supply; EVS 812-3:2013 Heating systems

How long does a fire safety audit last? 

During the visual inspection, an assessment is given to the building with comments. Depending on the complexity of the building, the inspection may take 2-3 hours, the primary audit is completed within 15-30 working days, unless otherwise agreed. Deficiencies that appear must be eliminated so that the final result is a so-called positive audit, which ensures the fire safety of the building. A positive audit is also necessaryto apply for a building use permit.


Fire safety audit not includedexpertise of heating stoves, which is why you should make sure in advance that the heaters in the building have appropriate documentation (the manufacturer's heater passport, certificate, certificate of covered works from the installer). If the mentioned documents are missing, we will also carry outheating system expertise.


A fire safety audit can only be issued by a fire safety expert level 6!

We are your reliable partner in fire safety

Tulipunane OÜ is a company based on private capital that has been offering fire safety services since 2012. Our main field of activity is the development of various fire safety solutions in the design and construction phase.

Our strength is experienced specialists in the field of fire safety, who find a reasonable solution even in the most difficult situation.

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