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We offer the following services during the construction projecting phase:

  • Designing smart fire safety concepts in the sketch phase (2D & 3D designs)

  • Designing self-extinguishing smart building concepts with automated notification systems

  • Fire safety consultation of the preliminary design and preparation of the fire safety section of the explanatory memorandum

  • Smoke removal concepts according to EVS 919 standard

  • Fire safety audit for the reconstruction / extension of existing buildings

  • Expert advice on fire safety of preliminary projects

  • Evacuation simulations and smart evacuation solutions

We offer the following services during construction and final stages:

  • Supervision of fire safety design/concept implementation

  • Consultation and formalisation for obtaining a use permit for the building

  • Fire safety audits: offices, warehouses, hospitals, schools, private residence, etc Heating systems expertise

  • Fire emergency action / evacuation plan and smart system implementation

  • Fire safety audit for public events

  • Preparation of an operational card

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A fire action plan is required for buildings for which a self-monitoring fire safety report is required.

See "Requirements for Self-Monitoring and Fire Safety Report, and Criteria for Mandatory Fire Reporting".

Pursuant to 01.09.2010 Regulation No. 43 of the Minister of the Interior "Requirements for the Fire Action Plan and the organization of evacuation and fire drill exercises"


The purpose of the fire action plan is to ensure the safety of persons and to prevent property damage in the event of fire. In the event of a fire, the action plan shall consist of an action plan and emergency evacuation plans. The plan and its component parts shall be drawn up in such a way as to take account of the specific features of the undertaking or body liable to affect the operation in the event of a fire. In the event that several companies or institutions are located in the same building, the plans drawn up must be consistent with one another in order to ensure rapid and uniform action in the event of fire.


A fire action plan is part of a plan designed to provide employees with an overview of the fire safety specifications of a company or establishment, and to provide guidance on evacuation and fire action.

The action plan shall include:

  1. A description of the data affecting operations in the event of evacuation and fire;

  2. a description of the fire hazard of the company or establishment;

  3. instructions for notification of fire;

  4. instructions for carrying out the evacuation;

  5. instructions for action in the event of fire;

  6. instructions for cooperation with the rescue team.

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The heating system expertise documents must be prepared if the heaters in the heating system have not been drafted or covered with the works drawings together with the execution drawings (licensed by the potter), then the heating system expertise must be performed.


Who needs heating system expertise?

Expertise of the heating system is necessary first and foremost for the owner of a building to ensure safe use of fireplaces. In addition, expertise is required for those applying for a permit for use and, if the fireplaces do not have the documentation (manufacturer's heater passport, certificate, covered work report from installer).


What is done within the heating system expertise?

During the examination the fire safety of the heating system (fireplaces, connection flue, chimney) is evaluated. 


How long does the expertise take?

The visual inspection will include an assessment of the building's heating system, with possible remarks. Depending on the number of heaters and chimneys, the inspection may take 2-4 hours, and the expert must have access to all fireplaces, including those in the auxiliary buildings, and to the chimneys on the roof. The initial examination result is completed within 10 working days.

The shortcomings that appear are to be remedied so that the final result is a positive assessment that ensures the safe use of the building's heating system.


What can I do to speed up the completion of my expertise?

To expedite the completion of the heating system expertise, we advise the owner of the building to submit the floor plans of the building in advance, showing the locations of the heaters and the chimney sweep act.

Which normative documents are the basis for heating system expertise?

As standard documents, expertise is based on:

  1. EVS 812-3: 2013 - Heating systems

  2. EVS 812-3: 2007 - Heating systems

  3. EVS 812-3: 2002 - Heating systems

  4. Rescue Board Guide "Heating System Construction 2015"

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Fire safety consultancy for building projects;
Structural fire safety audit;
Application for Authorization for Use;
Heating systems expertise.

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Fire training

Fire safety instruction

Evacuation Training & Fire extinguisher training

Fire extinguisher handling training

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Fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers and all other fire safety products from!

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