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We carry out the inspection using a video bridge and send the results of the work


We will check the documentation and send you a quote

What tools do I need for remote monitoring?

You definitely need: smartphone, measuring tape and flashlight

You may also need: a screwdriver, pliers, safety glasses and a plaster saw

What documents are required fire safety audit to submit for?

1. Building construction project (last survey project),

2. Valid chimney sweeping act, 

3. Audit of the electrical installation,

4. If there are solid heating devices, also the passports of the corresponding devices. If these documents are missing, it is necessary to carry out an examination of the heating system.

What documents are requiredheating system expertiseto submit for?

1. Existing heating hearth construction documents (installation certificate or passport)

2. Floor plans of the building showing the locations of the heaters

3. Chimney sweeping act.If there is no valid chimney sweeping certificate, we offer a contactless chimney sweeping service. Ask us for more.

How much does remote viewing with a video bridge cost?​​

The price of the remote inspection is from our regular prices cheaper, as the expert does not have to travel to the site. The exact price, however, depends on the size of the object and the scope of the specific work, for that, ask us for an offer.

When will the inspection take place?

Once we have received the documents required for the offer, we will prepare a price offer within a couple of days. If you confirm the offer, we can make a proposal for a remote inspection.

How much do I have to allow for the review? 

The overview via video bridge lasts about 30-40 minutes, depending on the size of the object. After the inspection, the fire safety expert will send additional questions and a request for additional images if necessary. Depending on the situation, answering questions and taking pictures may take up to 1 hour for you. 


Fire safety audit not includedexpertise of heating stoves, so you should make sure in advance that the heaters in the building have the corresponding documentation  (passport of the heater from the manufacturer, certificate, certificate of covered works from the installer). If the mentioned documents are missing, we will also carry outheating system expertise.

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